Our Prices

THE PRICES FOR OUR SERVICES (NOT INCLUDING APPLICATION FEES). Please note that VAT applies to clients (private and legal aid) who have previously had or currently have the leave to remain in the UK.

Consultation                                                         £100

Visitor visa                                                            £850

Fiancé(e) Entry Clearance Visa                          £1,000 


Spouse/partner Entry Clearance visa                  £1,500          

Child Entry Clearance visa                                 £1,000

EUSS application                                                  £650

Appeal                                                                 £2,500

ILR application                                                    £1,200

Naturalisation as a British citizen                          £850

Registration as a British citizen                             £850

Asylum application                                               £1,500

Human Rights application                                   £1,500

Bail application                                                     £600



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