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Family Law

The Firm undertakes Private clients works in areas of Divorce and Separation, Children, Cohabitation, Financial Settlement, Domestic abuse, Mediation and Wills and Probate.

Arbitration and Mediation

TNA Solicitors is well known for its resourced and most effective litigation team, led by David Ashogbon. The firm has a long history of commercial, civil and corporate litigation practice which has adequately equipped it to meet the demands of the market with confidence.

Specialist services include commercial and industrial disputes, financial services and commercial fraud, contract law and torts, instance disputes and related business (fire, accident, motor marine, personal injury, product liability, and reinsurance), personal injury claims, family and divorce law, trust and equity.

Our litigation team emphasizes the firm’s commitment to its clients by responding aggressively with formidable resourceful litigation capability when they become involved in disputes that cannot be settled by the parties themselves.

Our litigation practice draws on its intimate knowledge of our clients businesses and our ability to respond creatively to their problems. This knowledge enables us to resolve their disputes efficiently. The firm has a working link and relationship with other jurisdiction more especially in the area of Oil and Gas Practice and Our litigation attorneys are assisted by an experienced staff of paralegals.

We provide specialist services for disputes in the following areas:
  • Commercial and Contract
  • Corporate Disputes and Corporate Governance
  • Class Action and Group Litigation
  • Energy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Regulatory Investigation

It is our considered view that the highest level of professionalism ought to be practiced in our service delivery. Therefore we seek to resolve disputes at the earliest possible time by negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, conciliation, commercial arbitration and where practicable the use of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators which our principal, Mr David Ashogbon is a member.

We have found that suggesting ADR to our clients often lead to quick, effective and satisfactory settlement of cases and that litigation is becoming a last resort. Our qualified and experienced commercial arbitrators provide the expertise that is vital for quick, efficient, effective and binding alternative methods of resolving disputes. We diligently pursue results that make good business sense for our clients. Our ADR practice cuts across both local and international jurisdiction.