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I am a solicitor with dual qualification. I qualified as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and was placed on the roll on 15 May 2007. I am also a Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria having qualified and placed on the roll in December 1996.

I am also an Associate Member of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

In 2012, I was shortlisted for the Law Society of England & Wales Award for In-House Solicitor of the year.

I will do a rundown of my activities so far as a solicitor with respect to each area of law that I worked in


I am involved in Landlord & Tenant cases, representing tenants against Local Authorities, housing associations and housing trusts in the areas of unlawful eviction, possession and disrepair. I am also involved in Homelessness applications. I am also involved in representing at rehousing application for released prisoners, licensees. I am also involved in defence of Asbo proceedings such as demotion of assured and secured tenants to probationary tenancies, ensuring security of tenure

I have been involved with Housing Law litigation since 2006 and I have had to adapt to various enactment that has brought changes to the way housing law practice is been run. Right from the various changes to the Housing Acts especially Housing Act 1996 to the introduction of the Localism Act and the various changes to Benefit entitlement (Benefit Reforms) including the introduction of the bedroom tax and the Universal Credit. I have undertaking various training for the Citizens Advice with some staffs of supporting agencies, local authorities and housing associations.

I have been directly involved and supervised the court desk duties under the Legal Aid Scheme and Local authority funded scheme in Canterbury Court both in Canterbury and Dover Magistrate Court when the court do sit in Dover, Thanet County Court, Medway County Court and Maidstone County Court. I was also involved with the supervision of Tunbridge Wells County Court supervision albeit for a period of three months pending when the Legal Aid Agency were able to appoint a suitable provider for the court.

The Medway Citizens Advice Bureau is presently bidding for the Court Duty in Dartford County Court which will also be supervised by me.

My work at the Court duty desk and with the Citizens Advice entails working with Local Authorities and Housing Associations as well as Mortgage Companies to encourage good practice and compliance with the both the court rules and the Housing Acts.

The concept of good practices has been passed on through various meetings, training and discussion on how to encourage good practice so as to create a better landlord-tenant relationship and reduce the numbers of cases that comes to court and that in turn safe the various housing association, local authority and landlords litigation cost.

I am also responsible for the budgeting and income generation through the Legal Aid Scheme as this income then assist to run the Citizens Advice Bureau.

I was one of the few solicitors that were used as a pilot project to see how a solicitor can run a solicitors practice effectively from inside the Citizens Advice Bureau and since the concept was coined in 2008, I have been with the Citizen Advice Bureau till date generating an income of over £150,000 yearly and also training other solicitors and encouraging CAB Managers to engage the services of Solicitors so as to assist in generating income for the CAB.

Prison Law

Up until when I joined the Citizens Advice in September 2008, I was involved in all aspect of prison law, (appeal against sentence, adjudication, recategorisation, parole licence, Parole board hearing, recall, release early release, temporary release, transfer sentence planning and medical condition in prison. I also represent at application for early release for foreign prisoners. I do make representation at hearing and also represent at oral hearing.

Upon joining the Citizens Advice Bureau, I was able to use my knowledge in Prison Law to assist in projects of rehousing and settlement of ex-offenders within the communities.


My background in Criminal Law practice whilst on the High Street firm also assisted in my duty with the Citizens Advice especially in the areas of Benefit frauds cases in the Magistrate Court which can then lead to a claim for possession and recouping of Housing Benefit.


I am involved in Entry clearance appeal, in country applications, out of country appeal, appeal against deportation and removal and application for judicial review. AT the moment, one of my judicial review applications which went for trial at the high court is reported in the Law Report (Beckett V SSHD (2008) EWCA 2002 (Admin)) see Bailii law report.

Civil Litigation

As my background from my previous jurisdiction as a Barrister and advocate is civil litigation and commercial practice, I am well groomed for advocacy. I presently handle litigation for Citizens Advice Bureau in areas of Housing Welfare benefit Community Care and debt.

Corporate Practice

I have in previous times work for and with Oil & Gas companies in my former jurisdiction. I worked as a Legal Adviser and Legal Manager on various project.

My work entails, drafting of joint venture contracts, drafting of various employment contracts, advising on all legal matters relating to various operations and community relations.

My work also entails representing the companies in board and corporate meeting as well as in advocacy in court cases and before tribunals.